13 October, 2007

Illegal in "Israel"

Report from Aljazeera English TV.
Several Bedouin families have been told they must leave their homes because the land they have been living on since the 60s is now part of "Israel".

Their community is cut-off by "Israel's" separation wall. David Chater has the details from Tal A'dasah just north of Jerusalem.

08 October, 2007

History of a Conflict

In this three part series, Charles Smith, professor of Near Eastern Studies at the University of Arizona gives an account of the history of Palestine and Israel. In the first part Smith describes the period from the first wave of Zionist immigrants up to the end of the British mandate in 1948. The second part takes us from the foundation of the State of Israel to the 1967 war and the occupation of the West Bank. In the third segment, Smith covers the 1967 and 1973 wars, the land-for-peace agreement with Egypt up to the Olso Accords and the first and second intifadas. Producer: John Odam (2006) .

06 October, 2007

The Prisoners' Children

Almost 9,000 Palestinians are being held in prisons inside Israel, in violation of international humanitarian law. In hundreds of cases, Israel forbids adult relatives to visit, so it is left to children under 16 to maintain the family contact.

07 April, 2007

Mossad In Iraq

This film present the israeli Mossad training in northern Iraq to the "Peshmerga," Kurdish forces, to push them to carry out killing and destruction of the Iraqis and downs of the Iraqi resistance to tarnish its image.

30 March, 2007

stop the clash

Arab leaders are making a serious peace offer, and the world supports them. Ordinary Israelis want negotiations too - but their leaders risk losing this rare chance. Talks just about security will never bring peace.

Tell Israeli and Arab leaders to make an urgent date for real talks – and we’ll put your message on billboards in Jerusalem where decision-makers will see it. Time is short - sign the petition and act now

Petition to Israeli, Palestinian & international leaders: The Palestinian-Israeli conflict lies at the heart of a global clash threatening to divide us all. People from every corner of the world want a just and lasting peace in the Middle East - and the international community can and must help bring all sides to the table. Start Real Middle East Talks Now, and stay at the negotiating table until we have peace.